Hey here!👋

I am Yizhen Guo

A UI&UX designer based in LA.
Trying to bring an intuitive, simple, and joyful experience to user's life.
Now I am pursue interaction design BS. degree in Art Center College of Design.
Previously interned at ByteDance, Frog.

Summer 20201 • UI/UX Designer; Product Designer


Reality biological learning AR game app for adolescent.

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Fall 2019 • UI/UX Designer; Product Designer


A platform that provides new drivers a remote driving companionship and guidance by voice whenever they feel panic and not confident.

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Spring 2019 • UI / UX Designer


Let's talk about privacy is a multi-screen, interactive documentary application. It brings users into a highly interactive experience and expresses the knowledge of digital privacy and security.

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Fall 2020 • Product design

ASUS Sponsored Project

Improve form factors & functions that help creatives develop a healthier workflow and intuitive experience. Sponsored by ASUS.

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Spring 2020 • Graphic / Typographic Design

Typographic Conference

Series posters and peripheral products design for the typographic conference

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Summer 2020 • Graphic Design; Data Visualization

Flying back home during pandemic

Visualizing the process of how do international students flying back home during a pandemic.

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Spring 2020 • Graphic Design

Cinema Poster

SCI-FI cinema series poster design

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